Our Values

Seaboard Partners  has a long-term focus and will take a full-time executive management role within the acquired company.  Our plan is to acquire a single company and wholly devote time and energy to the business.   Below is a list of some of our key values which are intended to act as a guide to maintain focus on the right things throughout the transaction and beyond.

Photo by Stewart Sutton/Digital Vision / Getty Images

Do the right thing for the business

We understand that numbers only tell one part of the broader story.  While operating metrics and financial results are critical indicators of success, we put 100% of our efforts into operating the business, not managing a portfolio.  Seaboard will always maintain a focus on doing the right thing for the continuity and success of the business, not just for the financial results.

Stay true to core relationships

We understand that the unique insight that the existing management team brings to the table is tremendously valuable.  Not only that, but also the goodwill developed over years of nurturing key partnerships with suppliers and customers is a critical source of support for any business.  Seaboard will strive to maintain and build upon the integrity of these relationships.

Be Transparent when negotiating value

We understand that selling a business involves a lot of uncertainty.  We view the seller as a key constituent in our deal.  Our primary objective throughout the negotiations will always be to negotiate the fairest deal possible for everyone involved.  To accomplish this, we will be transparent in our discussions and assumptions and strive to create a valuable transaction for all parties involved.

Execute a thoughtful, methodical TRANSITION

We understand that transition can be extremely disruptive to all key stakeholders and the business as a whole.  We will rely upon a well-honed set of change skills to ensure that transition is managed in a methodical, risk-focused way.  With that in mind, it is important to understand that transition begins before the deal is done and we will strive to limit disruption through appropriate advance planning.