Why Seaboard

Seaboard Partners is committed to doing more than simply acquiring a business.  We are dedicated to understanding and building upon the vision and creativity of the business' founders.

We know that selling a business, in some ways, represents the end of an era.  But when you sell your business to us, you can rest assured that it is not the end of your legacy.  We are a different kind of buyer in many ways.

Private Equity Corporate Buyer
Focus Doing the right thing to grow the business Finding another target and exiting current investments Driving performance of the consolidated entity
Goals Growing revenue and improving operations Cutting costs and increasing total borrowings Combining operations and eliminating redundancy
Time Horizon Now and the future 3-5 years Depends on parent company strategy
Existing Management Team Crucial to the future success of the business Valued for adherence to short term financial targets Ultimately considered redundant
Photo by Jeffrey Schreier/iStock / Getty Images